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360 Energy Solar SA

In 2022, we issued our first Green Bond.

In 2023, we issued our 2nd Green Bond for US$80M.

Those who invest in 360E are investing in a company that works for the sustainable future of the planet:

Pioneer in the solar photovoltaic renewable energy sector in Argentina.

Integrated, covering: development, technological research, marketing, construction, and operation and maintenance of photovoltaic Solar Plants.

Experienced management, the largest track record in the solar photovoltaic business in the country.

O&M in 9 Solar Plants in 3 provinces.

Stable and predictable cash flow in dollars, with long-term PPA contracts of 15 and 20 years.


To monitor the activity and financial information of 360 Energy Solar SA: access the CNV site.

Know the results of the issuance of our Bonds:

The most relevant data about the trajectory and work of 360Energy is compiled in our Brochure / Corporate Profile.

Contact information for Investors


Physical way.

Sede Central 360Energy Solar SA.

R. Caamaño 1060, Ruta Panamericana Km 46, Work Building, 3rd floor, CP 1631, Villa Rosa, Pilar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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