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Solar energy, infinite potential.
The change towards a new energy model.

Every hour the Earth receives as much energy from the Sun as we use in an entire year worldwide. It is estimated that the energy radiated by this star can cover 10,000 times the current global energy consumption. We can take advantage of its radiation to obtain heat and electricity.



Of the 295GW of new power installed worldwide in renewable energies during 2021, solar energy represented more than 59%, with 175GW installed.



Reduction of the cost of photovoltaic panels during 2010-2020.



The global grid-connected solar capacity reached 849GW at the end of 2021, out of a total installed renewable energy capacity of 3000GW.

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Renewable energies are:


The sun provides its own energy in the form of light and heat: photovoltaic and thermal solar energy.

The sun causes pressure changes, a necessary condition to generate the winds that feed wind power.

Animals and plants use the sun to live, and accumulate their energy in organic waste and crops that form biofuels and biomass.

The sun orders the water cycle, which is the resource used by hydroelectric energy.

The sun influences waves, tides and ocean currents, which are also sources of energy.

The transition to a new and diversified energy scenario with a greater contribution of electricity generation from renewable sources is presented as a strategic goal, which implies:

  • greater independence of the hydrocarbon market;

  • real contribution to climate change mitigation;

  • development of local workforces;

  • improvement of the energy distribution and supply to isolated or dispersed populations;

  • and all this without giving up economic growth.

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