We modify the course seeking balance; we generate energy looking after the future.

We are professionals committed to the development of electric power generation from renewable sources.

We develop comprehensive projects, from their financial engineering to their development, construction, start-up and operation.

Our Philosophy:


Convinced that the sun is the source of energy of the future, we aspire to be the leading company in the development of photovoltaic solar parks in our country, by being at the vanguard in the incorporation of new technologies.

We dream of a cleaner world for the future generations.


To be main characters in the diversification of the Argentine energy matrix, developing, building and operating photovoltaic solar power generation parks.


In 360Energy we ALWAYS work following these values:

  • Transparency.
  • Integrity.
  • Respect for the people and the environment.
  • Efficiency.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit.

Boards of Directors

Alejandro Pedro Ivanissevich  President

María José Sbarbi Osuna   First Vicepresident 

Nicolas Ivanissevich  Second Vicepresident

Ana Eugenia Ivanissevich    Director 

Ugo Ghezzi    Director 

Juan Emilio Alberdi    Director

Alejandro Hontakly   Director 

Hector Adolfo Tonna    Statutory Auditor

Gabriel Matarasso   Statutory Auditor

Gaston Di Pietro   Statutory Auditor


Sustainability Committee

 Ugo Ghezzi, Hector Tonna and María José Sbarbi Osuna.

Compliance and Audit Committee

Nicolás Ivanissevich.

Compensation Committee
Emilio Alberdi, Gastón Di Pietro y Ana Eugenia Ivanissevich.

Our Team

Claudio Cortina

Works & Maintenance Director

Maximiliano Ivanissevich

Corporate affairs & Human capital Director

Cecilia Dragonetti

Administration & Finance Director

Maria Eugenia Ivanissevich

Manager of Security, Environment & Regulatory Affairs

Lucrecia Silvestroni

Legal Affairs Manager

Juan Pablo Alagia

Engineering manager