Integrity Framework

In 360Energy we are committed to the development of electric power generation based on renewable sources, favoring the modernization of the energy matrix and contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

Within that framework, the Board of Directors wants to introduce an Integrity Plan adjusted to the activities of the organization. We value transparency, integrity and respect for people, as well as creativity, ongoing improvement and the search for a positive impact on society.

The Code of Conduct herein explains what is expected of each person who works at 360Energy and it reaches every team member equally.

Together with its Code of Conduct, the Integrity Plan represents a corporate policy of 360Energy, it is a part of our business strategy and constitutes a priority in all of our activities, therefore we encourage and require its dissemination, understanding and compliance by every employee, director, shareholder, client, supplier and other people working along with 360Energy.

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