360Energy, leading company in solar power generation in Argentina

We offer major users a new alternative for their productive process: through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) we fulfill the power needs of your industry at a predictable price and in a completely clean way.


Predictable and competitive price, without any volatility risk.


Clean, safe and ecologically sustainable energy.


Financial and tax incentives.



Intelligent technology of verified effectiveness.


Positive social perception on environmental care.


Compliance with the global commitments of the Paris Agreement and National Law No.27,191.

Hiring renewable electric solar power:

More sustainable, less dependent and more competitive.

A fast accessibility solution of verified effectiveness.

We offer:

Possibility of naming the solar park after your company, generating a high positive impact on the corporate image.

Direct negotiation of contractual conditions.

Certainty on long term energy costs.

Free of additional charges:
a. no specific warranty charge.
b. no charge of commercialization
c. no management charge

Renewable power Argentina. Annual goals percentages


  • General goals
  • Specific goals for M. U.

National law No. 27,191 establishes the objective to achieve a contribution from renewable sources of 8% of the electric power consumption by 2017, of 16% by 2021 and to be able to reach a contribution of 20% of clean power in the energy matrix by the year 2025.

We signed the first renewable energy sales agreement between private entities in the country.

360Energy and SAESA sign an agreement on the expansion of a solar power plant for 5 MW to supply clean power to Major Users, who shall comply with Law No. 27,191. The term of the contract is of 10 years with a decrease in value of the MWh. This is the first renewable energy supply contract to be executed in the country.

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