In 360Energy we develop, build and operate solar parks

200MWp built in 18 months

Our solar parks

Turnkey projects. We provide complete solutions, covering engineering, purchasing management and construction of solar parks.

› Consulting and engineering.

› Advising, consulting, diagnosis and viability of Projects.

› Project and cost evaluation for future investments.

› Analysis to refurbish existing PSP.

› Planning and design review.

› Development of basic and detailed engineering (Lay outs, technical specifications, procedures, etc.), for electrical, electromechanical, instrumentation, civil, structural and mechanical work of a PSP.

› Budgets for the supply and assembly of PSP facilities.
› Procurement of national and imported goods.
› Manufacturing audits at suppliers’ facilities.
› Quality management, guarantee and control.
› Hiring of all the services necessary for the work.
› International and local transport management.
› Foreign Trade Management.

› Pull out Tests.
› Ground movements (leveling, hydraulic works, roads), direct driving, predrilling and micropiles.
› Civil, electrical and electromechanical installations for photovoltaic solar plants.
Installation of equipment and connection to the power grid.
›  Supply of heavy machinery for soil movement (motor graders, bulldozers, tanker trucks and loaders), specific equipment and tools for assembly (tractors, trailers, hydro-cranes, pile drivers, forklifts, telehandlers and backhoes with accessories).
› Supply of modular containers for workplaces (Supervision Offices, dining room, bathrooms, showers and meeting rooms).

Grounding tests and tests with a megger of all low and medium voltage wiring.
› Testing, commissioning and start-up of all equipment.
› Protections, control systems and auxiliary services.
› Thermography of PV modules and panels.
› Tracing of I-V curves of the PV panels.
› Commissioning of the SCADA system.


Sole spokesperson. Project Manager appointed and 100% dedicated to the project.


Compliance with the agreed value for the work. No additional expenses.
The execution period is established in the beginning.


Team of specialists with extensive experience in the assembly and operation of solar parks in Argentina.


We ensure the quality of the work. Our technical team reduces the unexpected during and after the work.

We provide operation, preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants in our country.

The services include:

› Local operation with qualified personnel in the park during generation hours, guaranteeing the dispatch of the available power from the park.
› Remote monitoring of the operation from the 360Energy Control Center.
› Preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment and facilities of the PSP.
Preparation of reports, records and monthly operational reports.

We constantly monitor, analyze parameters and maintain our equipment.