Integrated Management System

Our Policy:

In 360Energy we are committed to the development of electric power generation based on renewable sources, favoring the modernization of the energy matrix and contributing to the mitigation of climate change.

We develop photovoltaic solar parks taking into account engineering, construction, start-up and operation.

The team of 360Energy works continuously following the requirements established in the international standards concerning Systems of Quality Management (ISO 9001), of Environment (ISO 14001) and Occupational Health and Safety (ISO 45001).


The pillars on which our Policy is founded are:

  • Complying with the applicable legal requirements and with other requirements 360Energy undertakes in connection to environmental aspects, hazards and risks for occupational health and safety.
  • Recognizing the personnel as the main asset of our company, promoting an environment that favors professional commitment, involvement, initiative and development of our team members, providing continuous training, awareness and efficient tools as added values.
  • .roviding safe and healthy labor conditions with the commitment to prevent harm and health deterioration of the employees and third parties, promoting a proactive and responsible attitude in each team member. 
  • Fostering environment preservation with a solid commitment to the prevention of environmental pollution, identifying and mitigating any environmental incident that could affect its processes and the surrounding communities.
  • Encouraging the rational and responsible use of the resources in all of our activities.
  • Ensuring the quality of the processes so as to increase the efficiency in our work and the satisfaction of our clients
  • Working with suppliers who adhere to our corporate philosophy and principles, contributing to the achievement of our business mission and generating solid long term relationships.
  • Growing as a leading company in the renewable energies sector by means of a continuous improvement of our activities.

This Corporate Policy is part of the business strategy and is of critical importance in every activity conducted by the companies controlled by 360Energy S.A., namely: Energías Sustentables S.A., Nonogasta Solar S.A, Saujil Solar S.A., Tinogasta Solar S.A. and Fiambalá Solar S.A., therefore we ensure its promotion, understanding and compliance by all the personnel and its availability for the interested parties.

PL-SGI-01 – Rev. 03.